Working at the Brower Center


While the David Brower Center was built to minimize its environmental footprint, it was also designed to create the healthiest, most inspiring workplace in the Bay Area.

The Brower Center offers simple, smart benefits like operable windows and the highest standard for indoor air quality, natural daylight in every office and non-toxic carpet with the highest possible recycled content. Many of those features have been proven to lead to increased efficiency and reduced absenteeism in green buildings around the country.

If you are a tenant or subtenant of the Brower Center and do not yet have a login for our website (used to reserve the tenant conference room), click here.

Fostering Community and Collaboration

We believe a healthy building also involves a thriving community, creating a workplace that feels good to the people who work in it. So the Brower Center strives for an environment in which tenants share resources, benefit from each other’s experience and enjoy the informal connections that can only be achieved from face-to-face interaction and a sense of place.

Other Benefits of Working at the Brower Center

  • Use of second-floor tenant conference room, copy room, kitchenette, outdoor terrace and indoor lounge area
  • Bike parking and showers
  • Gather restaurant, serving organic, locally sourced California cuisine
  • A convenient location just one block from the downtown Berkeley BART and AC Transit bus lines. Car-share services are also available in the underground garage
  • Wireless internet access in common areas