Submission Guidelines

Download a PDF version of these guidelines.

Each year, the David Brower Center stages three exhibitions in the Hazel Wolf Gallery.  Occasionally, the Center programs exhibitions based on proposals.  If you would like to submit a proposal, please prepare the following materials and submit them to or Exhibitions, David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Suite 100, Berkeley, CA 94704. Digital submissions using DropBox or other file sharing service strongly encouraged.


  1. Concise Description:
    The exhibition description (not to exceed two pages) should include the title, conceptual direction, a list of artwork, the exhibition time frame, names of key personnel and curator, and the name of the sponsoring organization, if appropriate.

    Please include a cover page that includes the exhibition title, contact information, and indicate whether your proposal is:

    1. New Exhibition in conceptual development
    2. New Exhibition, curated and ready to install
    3. Existing (Traveling) Exhibition (able to modify to gallery specifications)
  2. Documentation:
    Up to 20 digital images formatted as JPEG files, not to exceed 800 x 600 pixels, 180 dpi. Please label each image file with your name and a number that corresponds to an annotated list (see #3).

    Up to three video files with up to three works (or excerpts of works). There is no duration limit. Please label the file with your name and a number that corresponds to an annotated list (see #3).

  3. Annotated Image List:
    An annotated list (PDF or word documents) to correspond with visual support materials. Please include the numeral corresponding to each image or video, the title, series (if applicable), year, medium, and a brief description of each work.

  4. Support Materials:
    Relevant print or digital materials including press, brochures, publications, books, etc. For websites and web-based work, please submit a list of URLs.

Hard copies of submission materials will not be returned.


Questions? Email


  1. Proposed exhibitions should reflect the mission of the Hazel Wolf Gallery: to exhibit high quality artworks that explore or raise awareness about environmental and social issues.
  2. With very few exceptions, only wall-mounted works can be displayed in the Hazel Wolf Gallery.
  3. The gallery is not climate-controlled and has no dedicated security staff.
  4. The gallery is also used for private events, during which it may be closed to the public.


Due to the number of exhibition proposals submitted, the turnaround time for responses may be up to six months. We cannot respond to all inquiries.