Contact the Brower Center


Contact Staff About Event Rentals, Programs and More

A contact form for making general inquiries follows, but you may receive a speedier reply if you email the relevant staff member directly. Staff email addresses are listed on the Who We Are page.

To inquire about event rentals at the Brower Center for meetings, conferences, programs, and celebrations, please go to the event inquiries form.

If you work for one of our resident organizations and need tenant information or services, please log in (or create a user account, if you have not already done so).

To inquire about the availability of a facility tour, for an in-depth look at Berkeley's greenest building, please go to the tour request form.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities for supporting our nonprofit organization and meeting people in the wider community, please go to the volunteer application form.

General Inquiries

For inquiries not covered by the above, please use the contact form below or call 510.809.0900. Thank you.

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